Mobile Phone Shell Plastic Mold

Payment Type: L/C,T/T,D/P
Min. Order: 1set Piece/Pieces
Delivery Time: 50 Days

Basic Info

Model No.: CT-10771

Surface Finishing Process Is Graining Or Texture: Design Software Can Be Pro-E.

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Packaging: Wooden box

Productivity: 500000shots/mold life- 1000000

Brand: Ceeto

Transportation: Ocean,Land,Air

Place of Origin: China

Supply Ability: 30sets/month

Certificate: ISO

HS Code: 8480790090

Port: Ningbo,Shanghai

Product Description

Mobile phone cover plastic injection mould Manufacturing key points, from the products structure, we may see product is complex and there are a lot of undercuts around both sides and espcially outer part surface, so injection mould design must be considered slide and angle lifter structure with basic three-plate injection mould. Regarding the slide structure, we may design inserted slide structure in order for the molder to disassembly the mould and easy to manufacture the slide, slide can be driven by spring and guide pin.

Mobile Phone Shell Plastic Mold


How to customize Safety Mobile Phone Shell of Plastic Injection Molds? High precision injection plastic mould for mobile phone here refers to a home phone mainframe housing, the product shape is very complex and the Mobile Phone Case Product has many inside and outside undercuts, especially the outer surface part, both sides have large area undercuts and the side holes, therefore, injection Mould must use Slider Mechanism and Angle Lifter Mechanism during the Mobile Phone Case Injection Mold 3D design.



Mobile Phone Cover Plastic Mold


Phone Case Plastic Molds belongs to the basic three-plate mould structure with sliders and angle lifters mechanism in the plastic injetion mold structure. The three sliders use two different structural forms as shown in the following illustration.



Mobile Phone Cover Plastic Mold


Inserted slider mechanism is one of the most common and most commonly used Plastic Injection mold structure. Inserted sliders are more common in plastic moulds. When the slider is large, in order to save steel material and facilitate machining, the slider can be divided into two parts by machining, the middle of which is connected in different ways. When the slider is small or the head shape of the slider is more complex, in order to facilitate machining and mould maintenance, It can also be in the form of inserted style design.

In the following illustration, a T shape hook is used between the slider body No. 2 and the slider insert No.3 with screw fastening. The opening and reduction of the slider mainly depend on the guide pillar No.1 and spring No.6, and the limit screw No.5 is responsible for the stroke limit of the slider. Lock block No.4 has the anti-lock function, because the front of the slider needs a large area of sealing materials, the slider will bear a greater injection pressure during mold injection processing, therefore, the lock block must have an anti-lock function in order to prevent the slider from being broken or shifted during the injection molding process.


Mobile Phone Cover Plastic Mold

1- Guide Pillar  2- Slider Body  3- Slider Inserts  4- Lock Block 5-Limit screw 6-Spring 7-Angle lifter  8-Angle lifter housing  9- Slider  10- Nylon Shutter


Above design (2-2) C, it shows simple slider. This form is not used very much in plastic molds, the good advantage is that it can omit a locking block and an inclined guide pillar, the processing is simple and convenient, but the strength is not very good, it is easy to break, and is only suitable for small sliders which width is less than 40mm. Large sliders are not suitable for use. When the volume of the product is large, it is not suitable for using this design.

The angle lifer mechanism of the phone case plastic mold is a kind of two-section inclined roof. The longer the inclined top is, the worse the strength will be and the easier to break. Therefore, the two-stage structure is used in this paper, because the inclined top is small and the length is longer, the strength will be worse and easier to break. This can greatly shorten the length of the angle lifter and increase the strength.

As shown below, the ejector plate is reset first.


Mobile Phone Cover Plastic Mold


The enejctor plate reset structure is more commonly used in Mobile Phone Case Plastic Molds, usually when there is a ejector pin or angle lifter at the bottom of the slider. When closing the Mobile Phone Case Plastic Mould when the mold in the injection machine, if the ejector pin can not be reset in advance, the slider will interfere with the angle lifer and the ejector pin, resulting in a collision, resulting in serious damage to the Cell Phone Cover mould. Therefore, when designing the Mobile Phone Case Mold, avoid placing ejector pins and angle lifters at the bottom of the slide blocks. If limited by the shape of the product, the Mobile Phone Case Mold must be designed with the ejector plate reset structure, this mechanism has more forms, what we said is the most commonly used one in Plastic Injection Mold design.

Mobile Phone Shell Plastic Injection Moulds

Mobile Phone Shell Plastic Injection Moulds

Mobile Phone Shell Plastic Injection Moulds


Q1: Which kind information need for quotation?
A1: 1) Sample photo with size or 2D/3D design
      2) Product material
      3) The quantity
      4) Runner type, cold or hot
      5) Mould steel type, P20, 718, 2738, H13, S136, 2316, an so on.

Q2: Product 3D drawing is not available , how should I start the new project?
A2: You can supply us a sample or tell me your idea,we will help to finish part 3D drawing design by scanning.

Q3: How long will be Cellphone Cover Plastic Mould finished?

A3: Usually it will take more than one month to finish the mold.

Q4: How about Cellphone Cover Plastic samples?

A4: After mold finished, We will make some samples for you to check as soon as we finish the mold and then deliver the samples for you to check.

Q5: How about the mould modify?
A5: You can tell us your comment about the samples after you receive them.If there is any dimension different from the drawing,we will modify the mold for free in our side and then make the new samples.

Q6: How about the proprietary rights of the plastic injection mold?
A6: Customer paid the mould so it all belong to Customer.

Q7: How about the surface treatment?
A7: Metallization (chrome, gold, silver) / Painting (hand, screen, automated) /Vacuum plating / Lithography / Custom texturing/ Hydrographics

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